A Flower That Stinks

Annika Petras

September 10th, 2019

Our Kid Reporter sniffs a smelly attraction at Orange Coast College in California. 

Batter Up in Louisville

Leo Sebastian Tobbe

August 22nd, 2019

Our Kid Reporter gets batting tips at the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. 

Top Youth Volunteers Visit the Capital

Ryan Stoltz

August 15th, 2019

Winners of the 2019 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, including our Kid Reporter, were recently recognized in Washington, D.C., for their volunteer work

Over the Rainbow

Teresa Fang

August 13th, 2019

At North Carolina’s Land of Oz Theme Park, visitors can stroll along the yellow brick road just like Dorothy and her dog, Toto.

Go Climb (and Plant) a Tree

Leo Sebastian Tobbe

August 13th, 2019

Even if you live in an urban area, trees provide tremendous benefits. Find out how one Midwestern city is trying to expand its tree canopy. 

Girls Compete in National Chess Tournament

Maya Mukherji

August 13th, 2019

Our Kid Reporter recently traveled to Chicago for the All-Girls Nationals, an annual competition that encourages female students to take up the game. 

A New Addition at London Zoo

Alula Alderson

August 12th, 2019

An exhibit at the world’s oldest zoo puts young animal lovers at the center of the action. 

Aquatic Championships Held in Korea

John Woo

August 12th, 2019

Our Kid Reporter covers the 2019 FINA World Championships in swimming, diving, and other aquatic sports. 

Life at Teen Vogue

Maya Mukherji

August 8th, 2019

An editor talks about her journey in the publishing world and why representation of women of color is so important to young readers. 

A Visit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

Nolan Pastore

August 7th, 2019

The architect's most famous house, which is located in Pennsylvania, demonstrates the harmony between design and nature. 

Protests Continue in Hong Kong

Benjamin Who

August 5th, 2019

Our Kid Reporter talks with a protester about the unrest that has roiled this autonomous region in southeastern China. 

Speaker Pelosi Holds the Gavel

Ryan Stoltz

August 2nd, 2019

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants young people to recognize the power they have and use it. 

A Life-Changing Day at the Beach

Ella Porter

August 1st, 2019

A nonprofit organization called Ride a Wave helps children with disabilities have fun in the ocean. 

Visiting a Renaissance Festival

Rade Meech-Tatic

August 1st, 2019

Jousting knights, fencing, and crossbow shooting? Our Kid Reporter in the Czech Republic travels back in time. 

Meet Six Dogs With Superpowers

Nolan Pastore

July 31st, 2019

A new movie follows the adventures of canine companions who brave the elements to save lives. 

It’s Sea Turtle Nesting Season

Andrew Raymundo

July 31st, 2019

In Florida, nesting season comes with a warning that five of the world’s seven sea turtle species are endangered. 

Making Museums Accessible to Kids

Emma Garcia

July 30th, 2019

For young people in the Mexican state of Puebla, museums are like backyard treasures.  

Remembering the Heroes

Leo Sebastian Tobbe

July 29th, 2019

After years of legislative inaction, a new bill ensures long-term funding for the health-care costs of 9/11 first responders.



The Tragedy of a Sea Turtle

John Woo

July 25th, 2019

Our Kid Reporter in South Korea learns how discarded plastic can harm marine life. 

TEDx for Kids

Hana Meher Sadik

July 24th, 2019

A TEDxYouth event in India encourages young people to share their ideas for making the world a better place. 

“Make Way for Lit-Hop”

Lilian Jochmann

July 24th, 2019

Rappers MC Lars and Mega Ran are using hip-hop to help kids connect with books.

The (Comic) Art of Storytelling

Nikita A. Mohile

July 23rd, 2019

Our Kid Reporter talks with Scholastic author and illustrator Raina Telgemeier about her award-winning career. 

Helping Schools in Haiti

Nolan Pastore

July 22nd, 2019

A high school student in Ohio offered her support to young people in Haiti by sending supplies and equipment for their new classrooms. 

The Art of Batik

Zhang En Ng

July 22nd, 2019

Our Kid Reporter in Malaysia learns more about a colorful textile art that originated centuries ago.

The Louisville Zoo Turns 50

Leo Sebastian Tobbe

July 22nd, 2019

For five decades, this Kentucky zoo has inspired visitors to learn more about awe-inspiring animals whose habitats are under increasing threat.