Abigael and Kayla

Is Homeschooling for You?

Abigael Shea

May 31st, 2016

Two young people share their observations about learning at home versus learning at school.

The Willis Clan — Video

Connor Vijayapal

May 26th, 2016

A musical family of 14 from Nashville, Tennessee, takes the stage.

Stay Humble and Kind, Part II—Video

Lilian Jochmann

May 26th, 2016

Our Kid Reporter talks with country music star Tim McGraw about his hit song “Humble and Kind,” and his message for young people.

Max with David Kelly at a book-signing event in Dedham, Massachusetts

Ballpark Mystery Man

Maxwell Surprenant

May 23rd, 2016

Children’s book author David Kelly talks about baseball and writing.

Before his death in July 2015, Cecil the lion had been the subject of more than a decade of research. The lion lived in a game preserve in Zimbabwe.

Cecil’s Pride

Charlotte Fay

May 17th, 2016

A lion’s legacy lives on after his death.

Cecil’s Pride — Video

Charlotte Fay

May 17th, 2016

Our Kid Reporter talks with animal researcher Brent Stapelkamp.

Solving a mystery: Was the inside of President Abraham Lincoln’s pocket watch inscribed with a special message when the Civil War broke out? The watch is now part of the permanent collection of the National Museum of American History, a Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

Preserving American History

Kaitlin Clark

May 13th, 2016

A curator talks about preserving—and uncovering—political treasures.

Country music star Tim McGraw performing in 2015 in Austin, Texas. McGraw has won three Grammy Awards for his music, among many other honors.

Stay Humble and Kind

Lilian Jochmann

May 6th, 2016

Country music star Tim McGraw has a simple message for kids.

Jeremy with Anthony Mackie who plays the Falcon in Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War

Jeremy Hsiao

May 5th, 2016

In the new summer blockbuster, superheroes take on some of life’s most complex issues.

“May the 4th Be With You”

Erik Weibel

May 4th, 2016

Our Kid Reporter covers a Stars War celebration in his hometown.

Stay Humble and Kind — Video

Lilian Jochmann

May 3rd, 2016

Our Kid Reporter talks with country music star Tim McGraw about his hit song “Humble and Kind,” and his message for young people.

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High Voter Turnout in Pennsylvania

Erik Weibel

April 26th, 2016

Pennsylvania voters made sure their voices were heard in Tuesday’s presidential primary election.

Max with participants in the James Joyce Ramble

Poetic Runs

Maxwell Surprenant

April 26th, 2016

Our Kid Reporter covers two special races in Dedham, Massachusetts.

Prince performs in Rome, Italy, in 2010. The death of the megastar last week stunned the world.

Death of a Music Legend — Video

Ryan Stoltz

April 26th, 2016

Hometown fans mourn the loss of superstar Prince

Death of a Legend — Video

Ryan Stoltz

April 24th, 2016

Our Kid Reporter talks to Prince fans outside Paisley Park, the musician’s home and studio in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

Esther observes a game of Pokemon being played.

A Friendly Competition

Esther Appelstein

April 23rd, 2016

Pokémon celebrates its 20th anniversary with a new message: “Train On.”

Michael McIntyre (age 16), Sam Hiller (age 16) and Casey Krieger (age 16) talk to Erik about why they are supporting Cruz. “He really cares.”

Ted Cruz Rallies Voters in Scranton

Erik Weibel

April 23rd, 2016

The Republican presidential candidate makes a stop in Scranton, Pennsylvania, as the state's voters prepare to go to the polls.

A scuba diver photographs a school of bluestripe snapper in the waters of Hawaii. The state’s marine life is threatened by pollution, climate change, and overfishing.

Coral Reefs in Danger

Stone Shen

April 22nd, 2016

Experts are trying to save Hawaii’s colorful ecosystems

Music is my inspiration, says 12-year-old Tegan Marie.

Tegan Marie: A Rising Star

Connor Vijayapal

April 21st, 2016

The 12-year-old is making her mark on country music.

Charlotte talks with voter Caroline Blum in New York City.

New York Voters Choose Clinton and Trump

Charlotte Fay

April 21st, 2016

Our Kid Reporter talks with primary election voters in New York City.

Clockwise from top left; Ryan Nobles, Jedd Rosche, Jamey Graydon, Rebekah O’Neill

Behind the Scenes at the Democratic Debate

Adedayo Perkovich

April 20th, 2016

Our Kid Reporter gets tips from veteran journalists about covering the presidential race.

Max at the race with Jack Arvedon, 6, and Sam Kline, 6

The Boston Marathon Brings Joy to the City

Maxwell Surprenant

April 20th, 2016

In Boston, “Marathon Monday” has become an inspiring tradition for adults and kids alike.

Erik Weibel in front of the ¼ scale Orion Spacecraft model. The Orion will carry a crew of 4 humans to Mars.

Inspiring Future Scientists

Erik Weibel

April 19th, 2016

At a recent festival in Washington, D.C., students took a virtual trip across Mars.

Max at the White House

The White House Science Fair

Maxwell Surprenant

April 18th, 2016

Students from around the country show off their award-winning innovations.

Wild About The Jungle Book

Jeremy Hsiao

April 15th, 2016

Meet a young actor making his big screen debut