Jay Sivanesan Paranam

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Jay Sivanesan Paranam lives in Malaysia and was born in 2010.

  • Jay is a passionate chess player, debater, Model United Nations (MUN) enthusiast, theater actor and coder. 
  • His favorite reads include, Breakfast with Einstein by Chad Orzel, Power by Naomi Alderman, and The Missing Cryptoqueen by Jamie Barlett.
  • In the future, Jay is hoping to pursue a Computer Science and Engineering degree at MIT, with dreams of becoming a tech pioneer, AI engineer, coder, or ethical hacker.
  • Jay has proudly been a part of the Scholastic Kids Press program for two years!

“In the game of life, I move each piece with purpose, debating the challenges, acting out my dreams, and coding solutions for a brighter future.”

Jay Sivanesan Paranam

Jay Sivanesan Paranam's picture
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