Banana Ball Is a Home Run

Quade Kelley

September 27th, 2023

The Savannah Bananas are dazzling fans with their stunts, skills, dancing, and joy. 

A National Museum of the American Latino Is Planned

Xander Dorsey

September 26th, 2023

A proposed museum on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., will share stories that have gone untold. 

A Sweet Business With Humble Beginnings

Natalie Bendix

September 22nd, 2023

Gilles Frozen Custard in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, is still going strong more than 70 years after its start. 

Strike Affects Workers and Hollywood

Nora Onovo

September 21st, 2023

Since early May, members of the Writers Guild of America have been walking the picket line. What is at stake? 

DeSantis Draws Protests in Florida

Lincoln Miller

September 18th, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican candidate for President, is drawing anger and controversy with his restrictions on learning. 

Exploring Jim Henson’s Maryland Roots

Gavin Gracey

September 13th, 2023

A Muppet-filled multimedia exhibition at the Maryland Center for History and Culture spotlights the creator’s rich legacy. 

Seeing the World Through an Artist’s Eyes

Quade Kelley

September 12th, 2023

Master glassblower Josh Simpson hopes that his tiny glass planets will be enjoyed by future generations. 


Diana Award Winner From Malaysia Seeks Environmental Change

Jay Sivanesan P...

September 11th, 2023

Max Han, a graduate student at Yale University, talks about his organization, Youths United for Earth, and his passion to create a better world. 

Greg Tarzan Davis Is an Actor on a Mission

Zhoriél Tapo

August 18th, 2023

The teacher turned actor talks about his efforts to help young people follow their dreams, while following his own. 

National History Day Gives Students New Insights into the Past

Xander Dorsey

August 17th, 2023

This year, the annual project-based competition focused on “Frontiers in History: People, Places, Ideas.” 

Inside Comic-Con

Quade Kelley

August 16th, 2023

Our Kid Reporter talks with some of the creators, fans, and cosplayers who make the annual convention in San Diego so special. 

Exploring the Culture of Ancient China

Enya Yang

August 7th, 2023

Our Kid Reporter tours an exhibition at the Blackhawk Museum in California, which showcases this East Asian country’s rich history. 

The Wheel Blacks Take the Court

Grace Moodie

July 31st, 2023

Our Kid Reporter in New Zealand catches up with the national wheelchair rugby team. 

Jessica Khoury Talks About The Ruby Code

Nora Onovo

July 31st, 2023

The author explores the pros and cons of technology in The Ruby Code, her latest novel for middle graders. 

A Veteran Sportswriter Offers Reporting Tips

Xander Dorsey

July 27th, 2023

“It’s never about you,” says Tarik El-Bashir, a senior writer at The Athletic. “It’s always about the story you’re covering.”

Rain Adds Suspense to Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

Logan Gracey

July 25th, 2023

The winners reclaimed their titles in this year’s July Fourth competition, but the rain took center stage.

A Conversation With the New York Governor

Nora Onovo

July 19th, 2023

Our Kid Reporter talks with Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul about her career in public service. 

Would Clear Backpacks Make Kids Safer?

Lincoln Miller

July 19th, 2023

Some school districts are requiring clear backpacks as a safety measure. 

A Conversation With Soledad O’Brien

Xander Dorsey

July 18th, 2023

Our Kid Reporter talks with the award-winning journalist about covering politics and the news. 

Empowering Generation Z to Take Action

Xander Dorsey

July 18th, 2023

The National Archives Museum recently hosted an event spotlighting Representative Maxwell Frost (D-FL), the first member of Gen Z to serve in the U.S. Congress. 

The Life of a Creative Director

Luke Lamour

July 10th, 2023

Our Kid Reporter talks with Adam Wahler, the creative director of A2A Studio. 

Crocheting for a Cause

Zoya Siddiqui

July 6th, 2023

Three Arizona teens create handcrafted garments for premature babies in the same hospital where they were born. 

Youth Ice Hockey Becomes More Welcoming

Cort Johnson

July 3rd, 2023

In order to increase diversity, the National Hockey League has created “Learn to Play,” an instructional program for children ages four to nine.  

School in Vietnam Hosts Charity Bazaar

Tu Anh Nguyen

June 30th, 2023

At the author’s school in Ho Chi Minh City, a Charity Bazaar and an International Culture Day raise money for children in need.

The Honor of a Lifetime

Natalie Bendix

June 28th, 2023

Sergeant First Class Jason Foster talks with our Kid Reporter about the role of the Wisconsin Army National Guard.