Bangalore Couple Feeds Stray Dogs

Stray dogs
Stray dogs

Stray dogs are a big problem in Bangalore, a city of more than 10 million people in India.

With an estimated 30 million stray dogs in India, it’s no wonder that the issue has become a source of heated debate. Many residents take pity on the animals, while some treat them as pests. One thing is for certain: Very few people have stepped up to take action.

One couple in Bangalore, Anil Prasad and Bismi Anil, is an exception. They have made it a part of their routine to feed and train stray dogs. While working everyday jobs, the couple ventures out past midnight just to feed the dogs. They have successfully fed 120 dogs in the past three years, “once every day”, according to the couple.

I first came across Prasad and Anil’s work when reading an article online. Since then, I have wanted to interview them, and so I did.

When asked why they decided to feed stray dogs, Anil responded: “In simple terms, it is to promote coexistence. If we observe village life, there are no stray animals. Whether it is cows or dogs or cats, everyone has a role to play in the community. Caring for cats and dogs where they live helps them and humans alike.”



The couple do more than just feed stray animals. They rehabilitate aggressive dogs and train them to be tamer.

“Keeping street dogs healthy and friendly helps in reducing aggression, maintaining their friendliness, and keeping the population under control,” Prasad said. The couple also gets dogs vaccinated against rabies, a deadly disease.


Anil Prasad and Bismi Anil feeding stray dogs

Anil Prasad and Bismi Anil feed stray dogs outside their home in Bangalore.


When asked how they trained the stray dogs, Anil said: “Food is the biggest motivator. We have a strict policy of walking away without feeding the dogs if they fight. Indian street dogs are smart and learn to adapt quickly. They are very loyal and try to please by listening to commands.”

The couple said that helping the dogs has been rewarding and a way to give back to the community. “No dog is born aggressive,” Prasad said. If dogs are behaving strangely or aggressively, the couple will call the animal welfare service to make sure that the dogs are removed from the streets and treated so that they don't pose a risk to the public.

Anil and Prasad are just one example of people in Bangalore taking initiative to help stray dogs. Several organizations are also helping out. Learning about these organizations and contributing to them will help make Bangalore a better place.



Top photo by Aviva West; bottom photo courtesy of the author