What's Next?


“Who knows what’s next?” said First Lady Michelle Obama. She was referring to what she would do after she and her husband, President Barack Obama, and their daughters, Malia and Sasha, leave the White House in January.

During her eight years as First Lady, Mrs. Obama has tried to help families in the United States—especially kids—lead healthier lives. She has also provided support to military veterans and their families and advocated for increased educational opportunities for girls around the world.

In an exclusive interview in the Map Room of the White House, Mrs. Obama took questions from eight Scholastic News Kid Reporters. I wanted to know what the future holds for the First Lady.

Reflecting on her past experiences as a lawyer, the head of a nonprofit organization, and the vice president of a hospital, Mrs. Obama said, “Instead of me deciding what I want to be, I want to take time to understand what's needed.”

One thing that Mrs. Obama was certain about is that she will “always be working on issues of health in this nation.” She also wants to “stay connected with our military community,” and encourage “kids to take their education seriously.”    


The First Lady observed that it will take time for her family to get back to a normal routine after leaving the White House. “It won't be like anything else that I've ever done,” she said.

What is at the top of her wish list? “I want to sleep a little bit more,” she said, smiling.

Mrs. Obama is also looking forward to walking out of her house “without having to tell 20 people,” referring to the tight security around the First Family.

The Scholastic News Kid Reporters in the room giggled when Mrs. Obama added, “I want to go to CVS without Ellen.”

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