Thousands Greet Trump at a Campaign Stop in Pennsylvania

Erik interviews Trump supporter Edward X. Young
Erik interviews Trump supporter Edward X. Young

Erik interviews Trump supporter Edward X. Young at a rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

One day after the second presidential debate, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made two campaign stops in Pennsylvania, a battleground state rich with electoral votes that could help decide the election. I attended a rally at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre.

When I arrived, I saw long lines of people waiting to get in. Security guards were there to keep order. One guard estimated the attendance at 10,000.

While waiting for Trump to take the stage, I asked Josh Pierce of Shavertown what he thought the biggest problem facing the United States was. “We need better quality people coming in,” Pierce said, referring to immigrants. When asked why he thought that Trump would make a good president, Pierce said that Trump “has the background as a negotiator.”

Edward X. Young of Point Pleasant, New Jersey, told me the biggest problem the U.S. faces is “the tyranny of political correctness.” I then asked Young if he thinks that Trump is a good role model.

“Donald Trump is not a saint,” Young said. “Trump is a good man. They are picking on him for distant things in his past.” Young was referring to a videotape from 2005 that recently surfaced in the news. It showed Trump making vulgar and demeaning comments about women.

Erik interviews Trump supporter Josh Pierce

Erik talks with Trump supporter Josh Pierce.


Inside the arena, there were chants of “U-S-A” and “Trump.” A deafening roar went up when Trump appeared on stage. “Who are here from the deplorables?” Trump asked, referring to a negative comment made recently by his rival, Democrat Hillary Clinton. She was referring to some Trump supporters who champion the Republican candidate's controversial comments about Mexicans, Muslims, and other groups. The audience erupted again.

During his speech, Trump talked about immigration, taxes, and terrorism, among other topics. He claimed, without any basis, that the voting process was fraudulent.

“We need to make sure this election is not stolen from us,” Trump said. “It is so important that we get out in November. We are going to win so big.”

U.S. voters will have their say on November 8. Meanwhile, recent polls show Trump trailing Clinton in Pennsylvania and other key battleground states.






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