A Night to Shine

Bryce with a young guest at a “Night to Shine” event in Woodstock, Georgia 

Athlete Tim Tebow says that everyone should be celebrated and loved. For the past six years, his foundation has sponsored a “Night to Shine” for individuals with special needs who are 14 years of age and older.

The annual event, which is described as an “unforgettable prom experience,” took place this year on February 7. Around the world, 721 churches hosted an estimated 115,000 guests, with help from 215,000 volunteers.

“It’s really exactly what it sounds like,” said Kris Henderson, who volunteered at an event at First Baptist Woodstock in Georgia. “It is their night to shine.”



This is the fifth year that the church has hosted a Night to Shine gathering. When asked what his favorite part of the event was, Daniel DeOliveira, a 22-year-old guest, responded, “I have to say, the music and dancing.”  

The event featured two dance floors, photo booths, games, and karaoke. Guests could even get their makeup done. When they arrived in limousines, they got to walk, run, or waltz down the red carpet to a cheering crowd.

“As soon as I see the guests come in, it pumps me up, and I remember how much of a good time it is and how much fun they all have,” Henderson said. “I think they feel awesome. This is the one opportunity for them to come out and just celebrate themselves.” 


Bryce with guest Mark Cole at First Baptist Woodstock


Night to Shine not only has an impact on the attendees, but also their parents. They get to see their child celebrated. They can relax and enjoy the dinner that Night to Shine provides, or go out on their own. All the while, they know that their child is being celebrated.

“You never know what the difference-maker in a child’s life can be,” said attendee Mark Cole, 22. For honored guests, Night to Shine, might be that difference-maker. 

Photos courtesy of the author