Kindness Matters

Sunrise Park Samaritans And Forgotten Soldiers
Sunrise Park Samaritans And Forgotten Soldiers

Sunrise Park Elementary School “Samaritans” in Florida wrote letters of appreciation to members of the military.

“Kindness Matters.” That’s what Samaritians365 says. Founded by Laura Reiss, the nonprofit organization focuses on hand-on projects that allow students to give back to the community. People of all ages work with local agencies to help others in need.

Reiss started the organization at Sunrise Park Elementary School in Boca Raton, Florida, in 2008. “I asked school administrators if I could start a free, after-school club,” she recalls. Five years later, after noting the positive difference that the program made in students’ lives, the organization added new branches.



How can you spread kindness? Volunteer at a nonprofit agency in your community, write letters to soldiers serving in the military, or raise money for children in need.

At the club at his school, 10-year-old Isaac Edelman helped make care packages for soldiers fighting abroad. “They are serving our country, and I want to thank them,” says Isaac.

“It’s always a beautiful day for giving and receiving, laughter, friendship, and inspiration,” observes Reiss. “The smiles on the faces of everyone are priceless.”



Photo courtesy of Samaritians365