Getting Through Lockdown in the Philippines

Tyler Cada, a fifth grader, plays the recorder during lockdown in the Philippines. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Philippines entered an ECQ, or enhanced community quarantine, on March 16. No one was allowed to leave their homes except for essential personnel. 

In early May, a GCQ, or general community quarantine, was implemented. This new order eased restrictions and allowed people to leave their homes. However, everyone under the age of 15 was still required to stay home.  

How have kids been spending their time at home for the past several months? Tyler Cada, who is in the fifth grade, has been playing online games with his friends, learning remotely, cooking, and playing the recorder. He doesn’t mind staying home during the pandemic. 

Tyler’s 8-year-old sister, Chloe, has a different perspective. “I miss going out and going on vacations,” she said. During the pandemic, she has played video games and listened to music.


Eight-year-old Chloe Cada, Tyler’s younger sister, listens to music. 


Cliford Allawan, who is 13, says that he doesn’t mind quarantine. He likes it better at home where he can relax after a long day of online classes. He enjoys Roblox and other games, and playing on the roof of his house. Sometimes, his father drives him around and shows him how to drive.

Finally, I interviewed Hansley Saw, a 13-year-old just like me. He said that he watches YouTube with his family, plays Xbox with relatives, and babysits his cousins. He also does chores, cooks with his mother, grows plants, and reads books.

At first, Hansley thought that the quarantine would be a bad thing. It felt like the “end of the world,” he said. However, through his experiences, he has learned that the lockdown isn’t as bad as it seems. Due to reduced classwork, he feels less stress, and his time at home has brought him closer to his family. 


Colin and his younger brother Dylan left their home for the first time in eight months to renew their passports. 

Photos courtesy of the author