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“Earth Guardians” Help the Environment

Young people in Benin, a country in West Africa, march to raise awareness about the effects of trash and pollution on the environment. 

Earth Guardians (EG) is a youth-driven nonprofit organization. The group is dedicated to helping the environment at the local level. Founded by activist Tamara Roske in 1992, EG’s mission is to involve young people in enhancing their communities. 

To learn more about the group’s efforts, I recently spoke with Emmy Scott via Zoom. As EG’s executive director, Scott helps to organize crews of participants worldwide. Crew members range in age from 13 to 30. There are currently more than 500 crews in 61 countries working on environmental projects.

Scott points to several EG initiatives that have made a difference for the environment. One led to the planting of more than 10,000 trees in Africa. In Colorado, crew members created a xeriscape garden, which requires little or no irrigation.

Seeking solutions to the climate crisis has been central to Scott’s work. “I always tell people that my job is putting out fires, which is just solving challenges,” she said.

In her role, Scott also meets with companies that want to create their own environmental initiatives.


Members of Earth Guardians create digital content that will help tell the story of their environmental efforts. Executive Director Emmy Scott is seated second from left.


Scott said that she and members of her team are motivated by young people eager to make a difference. “I get inspired by people who are able to show the passion they have for themselves and their communities and express it in really positive ways, like art or activism,” she said.

Scott hopes that even more young people will join a crew in support of their community. “I would love to see youth of all ages,” she said, “really feel like they have the power to decide what their future is going to look like.” 


Photos courtesy of Earth Guardians