Craig Melvin Captures the Joys of Fatherhood

Craig Melvin spoke with Xander during the NBC Today co-host’s recent visit to Washington, D.C.

“I wanted to document some of the little moments that my children are accomplishing because life moves fast, and sometimes I move fast,” said NBC Today co-host Craig Melvin. “I wanted to stop and take stock of things.”

Melvin was talking about his new picture book, I’m Proud of You (Quill Tree Books, May 7, 2024). Inspired by life with his son, Delano, 10, and daughter, Sybil, 7, the book captures the children’s early milestones and triumphs.

I spoke with Melvin on May 13, when he was visiting Washington, D.C. He once worked in the city as an anchor for a local television station. This time, he was in town to promote his new book. 


The bond between Melvin and his son, Delano, is captured in the broadcaster’s new book, which is illustrated by Sawyer Cloud.


The idea for the book came two and a half years ago, when Melvin saw Delano accomplish a major milestone. A proud dad, he wanted to capture this and other triumphs in his children’s lives. 

“A few years ago, I found myself marveling at Delano on the high dive,” Melvin told Good Housekeeping magazine. “He was trying to conquer his fear and jump off for the first time. When he did it, I saw how proud he was and how proud my wife and I were, and I thought, 'we should document this.'” 

So Melvin set out to write I’m Proud of You. I asked how his family has reacted to the book, specifically his son. “The reaction from my son has been positive,” Melvin said. “He’s on the cover. So why wouldn’t it be positive?”

As for Sybil, her reaction “has been a little tricky,” according to Melvin. “She’s featured on just about every page in the book, but she pointed out that she’s not on the cover,” Melvin said, smiling. “At some point, I’m going to have to write another book called I’m Proud of You, Too.

Melvin spoke with Xander about his children’s reactions to I’m Proud of You.


I asked Melvin about the challenges of juggling family life and a busy career. “The balance is tricky,” he said. “Some days, I do it better than others. I don’t think that every day is going to be 50-50.”

Melvin also talked about the collaborative process behind I’m Proud of You. He praised illustrator Sawyer Cloud, whose heartwarming images bring the story to life.

It took perseverance to create this special book about the bond between fathers and children and the highs and lows of parenthood. Each page illustrates touching moments, including Delano’s sense of humor and kind nature. Most of all, I’m Proud of You captures the love that Melvin feels for Delano and Sybil. 






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