Ryan Stoltz

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Ryan Stoltz lives in Minnesota and was born in 2004.

  • Ryan's favorite book is Hatchet by Gary Paulsen.
  • Ryan attends Central Middle School.
  • He is a member of the Boy Scouts of America.

“I understand how important it is to consider the background and culture of the person you are interviewing in order to connect with them and ask appropriate questions.”

Ryan Stoltz

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Drowning in Plastic

Ryan Stoltz

July 30th, 2018

According to scientists, plastic waste kills millions of marine creatures each year. Our Kid Reporter learns why “reducing, reusing, and recycling” matters.

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So the World May Hear

Ryan Stoltz

July 24th, 2018

At the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s annual gala, the focus is on helping hearing-impaired people in need. 

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A Master of Illusion

Ryan Stoltz

July 5th, 2018

Our Kid Reporter talks with magician Michael Carbonaro about his ability to make people see the wonder in everyday life.

A Dramatic Setting For Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”

Ryan Stoltz

April 9th, 2018

A production of one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies unfolds room by room at a historic mansion in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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Marissa and Hannah Brandt

Sibling Rivalry on Ice

Ryan Stoltz

April 3rd, 2018

Sisters Hannah and Marissa Brandt both competed in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. But the ice hockey stars from Minnesota represented different countries.

A Super Bowl to Remember

Ryan Stoltz

February 9th, 2018

On February 4, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII. Before the game, our Kid Reporter talked with the players and coaches.

Ryan holding an alligator

A Visit to the Everglades

Ryan Stoltz

January 24th, 2018

How did the American alligator become a conservation success story? Our Kid Reporter talks with experts at Everglades Holiday Park in Florida.

Ryan with open book

Little Free Libraries

Ryan Stoltz

January 9th, 2018

A nonprofit literacy organization helps connect police officers with young people in the communities they serve.

Trevor Noah Speaks Up

Ryan Stoltz

November 30th, 2017

Our Kid Reporter talks with the award-winning host of The Daily Show.

Ryan with the Las Vegas based band Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons on Tour

Ryan Stoltz

October 30th, 2017

The award-winning pop rock band shares a message of hope with their music.